The treatment of Anita Sarkeesian

The treatment of Anita Sarkeesian is disgusting. Even worse are those that don’t speak up against it. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” - Edmund Burke. If you see this harassment, delete, down vote it, report it. If your friends commit it, challenge them. Chose to be something better.

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Cosplay Boom Season 1 is coming to the internet this September.
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O Captain, My Captain

One of the last places you can still watch the Deadpool Test Footage

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Retro Space Girl #costume designed & made by #YayaHan, photographed by Brian Boling! #orignaldesign #retrospacegirl #pink

Great costume! Your hair is amazing!

Source: yayacosplay

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My Response To Jimmy Kimmel Harassing Cosplayers At Comic-Con

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